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Not my favorite picture, but might as well post. Girl’s day, Sojin.

Not my favorite picture, but might as well post. Girl’s day, Sojin.

Anonymous asked
What do you think of this D.O. and Sojin thing?


I actually didn’t know what this was so I had to search it up!! but I went to the original nate pann thing and I won’t translate every korean thing that’s written but basically

okay so the person of the nate post just posted what another person posted, saying “apparently sojin and d.o came to geumsan?? they were both wearing sunglasses??” and the poster also put up pics of the o.p’s kakao conversation saying stuff like “guys, girls day sojin came to geumsan kkk I have a pic too~ hold on, let me confirm it” and blablabla

so the person from the nate pann was just re-posting stuff the op posted. however, after the poster’s “evidences”, the comments showed that the op had actually posted saying it wasn’t sojin and d.o, saying that the guy was a fisherman and that the kakao talks are conversations between the person’s friends and their friends said that it was sojin so that the poster just assumed it was and posted because they thought it was cool a celebrity was near them. they said they were thoughtless about it. the original poster apologized for mistaking them for being sojin and kyungsoo, and apologized for spreading rumors that aren’t true. the op said that they just uploaded these pictures because they looked similar and quickly assumed it was them. 

I know if you see the pictures you can tell it’s clearly not kyungsoo nor sojin, even if it’s not a clear picture. they might have some resemblance but it is clear it’s not them, I don’t even think that looks half of what sojin looks like. the lady in the picture is shorter and chubbier. the person who posted saying it was kyungsoo and sojin is merely a reposter of the op and the op has stated that they didn’t know people would spread the rumors and take their pictures and re-upload them. 

I can’t translate everything because it’s long but I translated the most important parts of the post and the original poster’s message!!!

Hope everyone isn’t too confused!!!!